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Big Brother Aftermath (Winners and Losers)

So another season of Big Brother has come and gone. Rachel Reilly, who was last season’s biggest villain, came out on top this season to become the 13th winner of the show. The show was filled with ups and downs, failure and redemption, but most of all winners and losers. In this post I will breakdown the winners and losers of Big Brother 13.


Rachel Reilly – Obviously she won the game but she also won the respect of the Big Brother audience. She isn’t the favorite of everyone but she showed this season that she has some redeeming qualities. Her friendship with Jordan and her competitiveness showed that she is a deserving champion.

Jordan Lloyd – Only three people have played BB again after winning the first time. Jordan, like Dr. Will, finished 4th her second time around. Jordan showed that she was just a sweet little girl from North Carolina. Her fiery argument with Shelley showed that this girl has some fight to her and won’t back down.

Cassi Colvin – This is an interesting one cause she left in week 2. Cassi is a beautiful woman that played the game with class and will be remembered. If anything she probably saved her career by not staying in the house longer and letting people drag her down to her level.

Porsche Briggs – So what are you doing Saturday night? J/K…maybe. 2nd place is good for someone that was invisible until week 4. I think she is a beautiful woman and she should be around the reality TV circuit for awhile. Do I see her reaching her dream of becoming a big-time actress? No! But that doesn’t mean she can’t have some success in Reality TV Land. And if you would like to date guys named Ed from New Jersey, I am free….

Evel Dick – He left the game early but the bad play of his daughter(look down the page for more on that) made him look like the best Donato gameplayer. Normally a father wouldn’t be too happy about this but their relationship is so weird that his absolute glee over this fact is not surprising at all.

Jeff Schroeder – Another season, another American’s Choice.

Shelley Moore – She made some bad decisions in the house but her vote for Rachel was the right one and showed that she realized that this was just a game.

Lawon Exum – People already forgot about your stupid move to evict yourself. Be very happy about that!


Adam Poch – BB All-Stars 2 for you? You are in for a really bad wake up call. You proved to be spineless and didn’t play the game like someone who is a big fan of the show. I also think your vote for Porsche was a joke. You rip her gameplay then you vote for her???? That is dumb. Unless I’m in Jersey, I won’t be seeing you again and I am fine with that.

Keith Henderson – You went on the wrong show. Now I don’t think you will have the chance to be on the Bachelorette.

Kalia Booker – You talked and talked in the house. You made a big stink about playing your own game. You even brought up slavery as your defense finale night. The problem is EVERYONE was right about you. You played Danielle’s game, you couldn’t think for yourself and you got an alliance member evicted! You will watch this show and read the things about you and realize that it is time to fully look in the mirror.

Dom Briones – Poor guy lost because of Danielle. He isn’t memorable enough to make all-stars or be on Bold and the Beautiful like Cassi. I feel for him cause he had potential in all of those aspects. In the end he was railroaded by Danielle and power over men…..like myself.

Brendon Villegas – While Rachel won and that’s good for you, you didn’t have a good season. You got voted out twice by the same person. You proved to be a worse BB player than your other half. Also, for those that watched live feeds, you showed yourself to be rude to Rachel and treat her like crap. I know Rachel got a lot of alone time this summer, for you I hope she didn’t realize she’s better off.

Danielle Donato – I know you got a lot of friends in the reality world and your dad is terrible to you but this season was just bad all around. You had it made then you ruined it all on your own. You made this game personal with all the good players and robbed the fans of a good season to help out Kalia and Porsche????? You trashed your father on the feeds yet you basically showed the world that he is a better gameplayer than you are. On the finale you said to Rachel that she is lucky that this isn’t a personality contest yet you were the one that got roasted. I like Danielle. I think she is beautiful, fun to be around and if I could call her my girlfriend I would be a lucky man. But in this game she showed her ugly side while making her enemies look good. At least Danielle, your New York Jets are 1-0!


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  1. Really…I wonder what show you were watching. Danielle played the game unlike the bully couples. I just dont get your views. Danielle flipped on the crappy vets when they went against her and voted out Dominic. So at that point she needed to take them out. And she did rather well at getting the newbies some what organized. What I would be ashamed of is the fact that the newbies could of had control in this game but were stupid enough to side with the vets (Shelly and Adam especially) So reviewing game play Jordan (had none) Jeff and Brandon (were cocky and bullies) and then there is Rachel who was painful to watch until the last week when it was just the three of them. Very disappointed in the whole season.

    Comment by Chris | September 17, 2011 | Reply

    • Danielle played a terrible game. The point of Big Brother is to win not make “game moves”. She had the game on lock and stupidly went against the vets and ended up in jury. If she just holds off on the backdoor Jeff plan for two weeks it would have been the right move. Instead she screwed up and lost not to mention she is the reason Dom left. She was all around awful this season which is sad cause I expected more from her.

      As for your review of this season, it was a lot better than 12 and better than 11. Best season since 10 IMO. Jeff and Brendon played an OK game but they should have kept their knowledge of Danielle’s betrayal to themselves and not called that house meeting.

      And I need examples of how Jeff/Brendon were bullies?

      Comment by datsheadlam | September 18, 2011 | Reply

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